Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Awesome Buildings Made From Shipping Containers

Photos Via Wide Open Spaces
Photos Via Wide Open Spaces

Recycling is now not only about plastic or paper, but in the hands of creative architects and green designers, a shipping container can be a recycled material. Starting from many shipping containers which no longer used and begin to accumulate, arising a great idea to make it as a shelter. It will be very boring if we just imagine how can we live in the container box. But, who would have thought that the container box can be transformed into attractive and stunning homes.
This idea was developed become a variety of buildings such as: luxury condos, vacation homes, green sheds, etc. There is a guest house which all the buildings are made of recycled shipping containers. Some sides was cut to design doors and windows. Patio section is made to protect the house from heat and rain. This container shipping model is owned by Poteet Architects.
Another architect who created the container home design is Adam Kalkin. It is different from Poteet Architects design, Kalkin created a bigger house from a larger container. This modern house serves many modern functions as other modern house. Uniquely, this house is like a house inside a big building. You will only see a big box with large windows from transparent glass from outside. All rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen and others work fine there.
Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan created container home design with piling up some containers and painted it with vivid color that brings joy and happiness. There is a businessman who made a container cafe, a Starbucks cafe. The idea to make shipping containers as a public place is also acted by Jean Nouvel who created a large restaurant which can accommodate over 120 people. This big restaurant can be used to have party, meeting or wedding ceremony.
A container mansion is founded by Patrick Partouche with a contemporary theme. The exterior design still retain the original container shape, but inside, many modern facilities, equipment and furniture are there. Benjamin Garcia Saxe made very chic and modern house. He made a house with large windows made of glass which allows natural light comes in. Read more »

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