Thursday, August 28, 2014

Extra Minimalist White Floating Home Interior Design

Home Interior & Furniture Design
Home Interior & Furniture Design

Hii, there! How is everything? Great! Have you ever seen floating home? Wow! What is it like? Actually I have never been seen the real floating home. But don’t you worry guys. Because I have some pictures about this floating home. Let’s get started.

This home is in white painted wall. It can be seen from facade. This home has unique design. Yes! That is floating home. Actually it is not floating as you imagine, it still sticks on the ground. The garage which become the lower ground and has small design. So that, the home looks like floating home.

That is about the outside view. Then let’s move to inside. Here you will see the minimalist design of this floating home. It has white wall inside and wooden parquet floor. In living space you will find the minimalist interior. Here you will find red chair which is combined with white sofa and red cushions. Then there is also glazed window which makes you easy in seeing the outside.Read more »

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